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  • News  information:including international newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters, press releases and other news overview; except American news, the daily news will also include German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch and other local newspapers.
  • Business Information: including newspapers, periodicals related Business, the financial status information of companies, enterprises information, the reports of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Legal information: including the case law precedents of the federal courts, the litigations of federal and state, the state High Court and the appeal judgment cases, federal regulations, state regulations, EU law, tax law, the global law firm introduction.
  • Medicine Information: including the news of medicine and health, health journal articles and the summary of Medline.
  • Reference information: including biographical information, opinion surveys, quoted sentence from political and economic celebrity, states archives and statistical data, and the World Almanac.
  Regulations Search-WestlawWestlaw Every day Lawyers and legal professionals more than 60 countries use Westlaw International Database to inquire legal, news and business information. Westlaw International database provide the growing legal and business communities around the world the internationally renowned and trusted sources through the latest and most advanced online technology.
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  • Collecting American judgments, regulations, free query.
  • Provide online counseling and legal Q & A. You can use it as the basic U.S. legal learning website.



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Law Bank
Law Bank adopts the internet database type to provide legal information search services and subsumes the cumulative digital data in the last two decades to make the data comprehensive and complete.
Law Bank can make inquiries to search  regulations, judgments and administrative explanation letter, and collect law publications and legal related news.
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Lawdata database
Lawdata is established by “Angel Bookstore” focusing on legal education and cultural undertakings. It collects professional law journal articles in Chinese regions. It’s the perfect combination of network database in academic model and digital technology.
Regulations Search-司法院
Law and regulation retrieving system of Taiwan Judicial Yan
The inquiry of Taiwan’s judgments and the explanation letters