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PIIP Service Guide

  PIIP enjoys an extremely high reputation in patent circles. We provide services including prosecution and litigation of patents and trademarks with high qualities. Our intellectual property rights team consists of a number of experienced and professional patent attorneys/agents and patent engineers, who have excellent and practical experience and deep understandings of the procedures of patent affairs in Taiwan, China and other countries. Our understandings of professional technologies are extremely deep and extensive, wherein all patent attorneys/agents and patent engineers have backgrounds in engineering or scientific fields. We understand technologies in depth, which enables us to realize the invention clearly and to make the best preparation for the patent prosecution process, including clarifying relevant technical details to treasure valuable time and resources.

 Patent map can help customers understand their patent assets, deconstruct distributions of patents in the same technical field and point out where the market is located, thereby revealing patent roadblocks and the fields which can be enhanced. PIIP searches for existing patent file wrappers and related patents around the world, and outlines patent maps which are easy to understand and use. When patents are licensed or assigned, invalidation actions are requested, and invested in new fields, we can help customers understand their patent strengths, and identify patent barriers and judge whether they need to design around, etc.


PIIP professionally assists customers in reviewing and evaluating patent portfolios to reduce evitable risks. In merger and acquisition/ transaction cases of high-tech entrepreneur, complete patent audit (due diligence) analysis items include patent evaluation, investigation of patent file wrappers, patent rights transfer and prior art search to verify validity of patents.


PIIP assists customers in conducting patent transactions, technology transfer, patents value-added for customers, reviewing patent portfolios and evaluating patent value, and bringing to success of business matching and assisting in negotiations. Through professional talents and abundant experience, the patents owned by our customers are no longer expensive payments, but also substantial investment rewards, realizing the ideal of creating tangible wealth by intangible assets.


PIIP can assist to provide non-infringement opinion (NIO), infringement analysis, patent search, patent dispute negotiation, and patent litigation (including investigation for litigation history) services.

Offense and defense of intellectual property rights is very important for enterprises to protect their commercial benefits. PIIP is dedicated to protecting benefits of intellectual property rights of customers. We have abundant experience in various kinds of patent offensive and defensive cases, and achieving customer’s business target is our basic principle. We provide customers with advice of potential benefits and litigation risk to help customers make decisions at stages of dispute or litigation and to implement the necessary work.


PIIP has assisted customers in evaluating and establishing an intellectual property rights system with extensive industry experience, and can provide virtual department project cooperation, white papers for intellectual property rights management, and policy research services, etc.


PIIP can provide intellectual property administrators and patent engineers with related training to conduct a patent search, creative achievement transformation, production of patent maps, business secrets and intellectual property management, etc, and provide required information to intellectual property administrators of customers.