May and June 2021 have been full of challenges. Due to the impact of COVID-19, Taiwan has entered the three-level alert. Not only many activities have been suspended, but also many businesses have closed down permanently.


In order to coordinate with the pandemic-prevention policies and guard our partners’ health, PIIP Group also cancelled the charity activity of Dragon Boat Festival held every year. However, our compassionate spirit has not been affected by the epidemic situation. This year, all partners still jointly launched charity fund-raising activities. PIIP Group doubled the donation and contributed the entire donation to Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation and Taipei New Generation Social Welfare Foundation from this charity event.


We hope that through donation, we can attract more valuable contributions, care for the disadvantaged children and give positive feedback to the society. In this difficult time, let’s unite for epidemic prevention, and keep compassionate and warm-hearted at any time to preserve the society with circulation of conscience.


The storm will pass. The spring will come. PIIP Group will continue to grasp the good and benevolent direction, break through the wind and rain, and let’s join hands towards to a brighter future.