Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) tried “Trademark Fast track” out from May 1 to save time and money for trademark applicants. Now if it meets the below requirements of (1) Electronic application, (2) Payment online, (3) Designated goods/services are all the normative names of TIPO, (4) Flat trademark and (5) the power of attorney is submitted at filing, then the system will automatically convert the trademark application into the “Fast Track Case” without any additional written declarations or notes. The basic official fee for trademark applications that meet the “Trademark Fast track” will be reduced from NTD 3000 to NTD 2400 with 20% reduction.

According to the statistics of 2019, the average time for a trademark application in Taiwan to receive an examination notice is about 5 to 5.5 months. The “Trademark Fast track” for trademark application registration is currently tried out with priority to ordinary flat trademarks. It is anticipated to enter into the examination process two months earlier than ordinary system of trademark application.

    It should be noted that Taiwan trademark examination adopts the principle of first application for first registration. If the same or similar trademarks are applied for, the examination of application is still based on the earlier application date.